climate change and water

1. Contaminated water can make people sick: If you come into contact with dirty drinking or recreational water, you might get sick.

2.Climate change makes these illnesses more likely: Rising temperatures, more heavy rains, and storms caused by climate change increase the chances of getting sick.

3.Health problems can include tummy troubles: This can mean things like diarrhea, and it can also affect your nervous and breathing systems, or even harm your liver and kidneys.

4.Climate change affects water in various ways: It can make you more likely to encounter harmful stuff in the water, like bacteria, viruses, and parasites, as well as toxins from algae and chemicals from human activities.

5.Water can change temperature: This means that certain types of harmful bacteria and toxins can appear in the water or seafood at different times and in new places.

6.Heavy rain and storms can lead to dirty water: When there's lots of rain or big storms, the water can get polluted. This can happen in lakes, beaches, areas where shellfish are harvested, and even in your drinking water.

7.Bad weather can harm water systems: Sometimes, extreme weather and storm surges can damage or overwhelm places that clean and provide water, like water treatment plants. This makes it more likely that people will be exposed to harmful things in the water.

8.Safety measures are in place: In the United States, different agencies take steps to protect your health even if the water gets contaminated.

9.They keep an eye on water quality: They regularly check the water to make sure it's safe.

10.They treat drinking water carefully: They use specific methods to clean and purify your drinking water. They also close down beaches if necessary and give warnings to boil drinking water or avoid eating certain seafood like shellfish."